Sunday, May 15, 2011

Attraction Poster Auction News

Profiles in History auctioned some vintage silk-screened posters yesterday to BIG bids.  These weren't even A-level posters, but they sold for some A-level prices:

Monorail (2nd version): $2250
Matterhorn  (two sleds): $1700
Skyway: $4000 (WOW!!!!!)
Golden Horseshoe: $1200
Inner Space: $1200
Grand Canyon Diorama (2nd version): $3750 (WOW!!!!!!)
Alice (no Fantasyland): $1400
Subs: $2000
Autopia: $1900
Flight to the Moon (NOT the TWA one): $2250
Space Station X-1: $2750 (WOW!)

And these prices don't include tax or buyer's premium, which could add as much as 25% to the total.

If you have any of these (I have some...wish I had more), congrats!


Major Pepperidge said...

WOW!! $4000 for a Skyway poster. CRAZY. I'm kicking myself... two years ago a guy had a Grand Canyon Diorama poster (2nd version) for $1350, and I passed. Now another one sells for $2400 more than that. With taxes and the auction premium that poster probably cost the buyer around $4800.

Jed, have you ever seen a version of the Matterhorn poster that had more (or less) than 2 sleds? I don't think I have in all the years I've been watching posters.

jedblau said...

I've never seen the one-sled version for sale, but it supposedly does exist...

Disney Nametags and More said...

I was contemplating bidding on the Submarine Voyage lot that had the hat and badges, but their reserve price of $400-600 was twice what I was willing to pay.

Out of curiousity, do you have any Disneyland cast member nametags or badges in your collection? =)

jedblau said...

No, badges or tags.

Major Pepperidge said...

Jed, did you see that the Disney/Ub Iwerks letter sold for over $200,000?? With the premium and taxes it was well over a quarter of a million. I kind of hope that Diane Disney won it for the Walt Disney Family Museum.

Steven said...

Wow, I am shocked that Skyway went for that much! I remembered seeing one of these for about $1000 back in the day. My cousin also has the Grand Canyon Diorama... I have to let me him know that its getting the big bucks!

I have a couple of original pirates posters that I came across over 10 years ago. I sold one of them for nearly 4K (not bad for a 13 year old, eh?), but haven't seen any on sale since. It sounds like the value maybe went down since then... anyone have any idea what the pirates poster is worth these days?

jedblau said...

I don't know what Pirates would fetch in the current climate. It's not a super rare poster, but with the increase in popularity of all things pirate, it would probably get in the $3000 - $3500 range I would think.

Anonymous said...

any of u guys have any of these posters u want to sell?