Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Final Set of Me

I have more of these, but this will be the last set since the remaining shots are pretty much redundant.

From 1974 or so, here's my sister and I with the 1970's Minnie in front of the Main Street Opera House, as well as another shot taken at the Fantasyland snack stand.

The other two are from 1978 or so and show us in the retro Tea Cups and me in my Dumbo with the beloved and decaying (now, not then) Fantasyland Skyway station. Looks like it was closed that day, which must have been very vexing for me.

Back to the normal collectible stuff for the next post...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank you!

The people who read this blog are really cool. Not only have you left a ton of very nice comments about my childhood Disneyland photos, but you have also provided lots of information to me about exactly where they were taken. But Jason (aka Progressland) has really come through.

Below please find a couple of 1982 snapshots of the Snack Shack, the very spot where my family and I ate in that photo featured in my last post. The umbrellas seem to have been changed, but otherwise, it's the same. I have no memory of a restaurant being in this location, but that's why you blogging friends are so valuable...you take people's subjective and foggy memories and verify them with hard evidence.

Thanks so much, Jason!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More of Me...

More of me at Disneyland, this time around 1974 or so. This is the trip where I remember riding Nature's Wonderland and through Rainbow Caverns, but oh so vaguely.

Check out the glimpse of old Fantasyland behind my sister (also featured wearing the stylish Mary Poppins hat.) Zooming in on the postcard in my sister's hand reveals the Dumbo ride, I think.

I LOVED that Robin Hood hat with the feather; I think it finally disintegrated from constant use and abuse.

And, no, I did not save our greasy food containers. Does anyone know what restaurant this was, located in the shadow of the Matterhorn? Could it be the Tomorrowland Terrace across from the subs???

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Photos? On THIS Blog? Yes...it's true

Here is a truly stunning set of photos, mainly because of its compelling and charismatic subject matter...me!

These were all taken sometime around 1977/78. I mean, when was the last time you saw Orville walking around? Just behind my sister and I in one of the photos is the beloved Peoplemover; we probably just stepped out of Inner Space, which we went on about five times per visit. I wonder what was in those little bags we're holding.

I wish...I wish...I wish I had a photo of me in the Circlevision pre-show with all that AT&T stuff and the bank of Disney character phones. My parents used to have to drag me out of there.

Lastly is a shot of chubby little me on a pee-wee lion bumper-car thingee at, I think, Lion Country Safari around 1973/74.

Thanks to my dad for finding these and saving them so I could show my kids that their old man really DID go to Disneyland when he was their age.

More of these to come unless I receive disproportionate protest.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Disneyland Opening Day - Meal Coupon

Part 3 of my opening day ticket trilogy...

I wonder why the former owner of this coupon didn't use it. Maybe they ran out of food on opening day like everything else.

As for value, I think that the Red Wagon Inn would have provided the most value (i.e. highest priced meal), whereas the Chicken Plantation would have been the tastiest.

I need to get a life.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Opening Day Parking Ticket

Here's the gold parking pass that came with the gold ticket. There are also silver and green versions of this pass out there. In any color, they are rare.

Let me take a moment to compliment my fellow Disneyland bloggers about the tremendous quality of the images and items that have been posted over the last couple of weeks. Pick any of the links to the right...they are bound to lead you somewhere great.

The gold meal coupon is next up...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gold Opening Day Ticket

This is not a mint ticket, but for some reason, knowing that it was actually used on July 17, 1955 and not just tucked away in a drawer makes it that much cooler. When I bought this ticket, it also came with the parking sticker and meal ticket, which I will post at a later date.

Over the years, I've owned green, silver, white, and gold tickets, but never an orange, although I know they exist and have seen one in an Anaheim museum. Does anyone out there have one???

Monday, May 5, 2008

Casa de Fritos Box

There are not a lot of Casa de Fritos goodies out there. There's three (or so) different matchbooks, that cool postcard, the infamous attraction poster of which there appears to be only two known examples extant, and the super-cool mug that Matterhorn posted on one of his Friday editions a-ways back (if you missed it, check his archives, or I can post a photo of mine).

And then there's this cool shipping box. It was sent from Disneyland probably during the 1955-1956 holiday season and once contained a gift assortment of Fritos (and Cheetos?) I don't know who would ever want chips as a Xmas gift, but maybe if they came in this box, minds would be changed.

There's nothing on the bottom of the box, and the two sides pictured are duplicated on their respective opposite sides, hence only three photos.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Emporium Gift Box

This item came from the estate of The E-Ticket co-founder Leon Janzen. It's a 1955/56 gift box that would come in the mail if someone was considerate enough to mail you a souvenir of their vacation at Disneyland. Really cool graphics and box tape...love that logo!