Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tram Scripts (Get It? HA!)

Here are two versions of the tram spiel: one for the parking lot and one for folks shuttling over from the Disneyland Hotel.  The parking lot one isn't terribly different from the current version that departs from the Mickey and Friends lot.  The one from the hotel is full of lovely out-of-date details.  Read for yourself....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Sound of Disneyland - January, 1963

What we have here is a big binder full of scripts that represent every piece of taped, live, and filmed narration used in Disneyland as of January 14, 1963 (the front page [unscanned] has that date hand-written in pencil.)

I'm going to try (!) to scan the whole binder, but at my rate of posting, that may take until 2019. Oh, well. Every little bit helps.

Here's the first few pages: a table of contents that lists the binder's archive. One portion not listed but that can be found in the binder is the live narration one would hear in the shuttle that schlepped guests from their cars to the main gate.

I bought this at an NFFC show at least 12 years ago for about....$30. Hard to believe.