Monday, November 15, 2010

Universal Studios - 1974 LA Times Advert

I found this in some junk at my parents' house.  It must have come from my grandfather one way or another.

This ad from 7/28/74 features the "new" collapsing bridge at Universal.  I remember when that thing was the biggest deal on the tour.  When I was older and working on the lot, I used to "borrow" the company golf cart to go do some "work" and give myself a little self-guided tour.  It's amazing where Universal security would let one wander pre-9/11.  It was a great day when I discovered the long-lost road to Prop Plaza.  Never had the nerve to drive through the Six Million Dollar Man revolving avalanche thingee or across this bridge, but a visit to the Psycho house was always a must.

Love the old trams.  The image of them crossing the bridge makes me think of Albert Brooks' trip to hell if he'd been just a couple of minutes late for the tram to heaven.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Main Gate Scripts

As you disembarked from the Disneyland parking lot (those were the days) tram ten feet from the front gate (those were REALLY the days) or arrived on foot, here's what you might hear as you approached the ticket booths.  It featured a spiel about the ticket books, terrific value, etc.

If you were unlucky (read: stupid and unorganized) enough to arrive on a day when the park was closed, they had a special recording for you, too.

How badly would it suck to arrive on a wintery Monday or Tuesday only to be informed (via tape) that the park was closed?  And how sadistic to LET SOMEONE INTO THE PARKING LOT AND PARK THEIR CAR only to arrive at the empty ticket booths.  I'd probably punch a rubber moose and kidnap a security guard, too.

Would it be better for the Monorail to be open for a ride or closed for the day?  At least if the Monorail was closed there wouldn't be the torture of seeing all of those spectacular attractions just sitting there and waiting for guests that would arrive tomorrow or the day after.  Makes me edgy just thinking about it.

There's even a recording for rainy days.

Coming soon(ish), the narration for the Main Street vehicles.