Saturday, April 9, 2011

Buying/Selling and Appraisals

Every now and then, the kind readers of this blog leave comments in old posts that ask for appraisals of their Disney or Disneyland items or wonder if I'd be interested in buying or selling this or that.

If you have such a question, feel free to contact me at my email address:  I rarely look back at old posts, so if you're leaving your inquiry there, it's unlikely that I will ever see it.  Just email's a lot easier and more direct.

Thanks again for reading!


Major Pepperidge said...

Dear Mr. Vintage Disneyland Goodies - I have a complete Viewliner train in my backyard (the blue one). I found it at a swap meet. Can you please tell me how much it's worth? ;-)

jedblau said...

I'll trade you my original 1963 Flying Saucer vehicle.

Anonymous said...

I have some Disneyland tickets that never been used and are still attached to booklet . The booklet has the original walt Disney signature on it. I want to sell them . Contact me at

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have 5 Disney story records.
1.)Alice in Wonderland
3.)Lady and the Tramp
4.)Winnie The Pooh
5.)Mickey Mouse Club
All from 1969
They have never been used and are in great condition. Can you tell me the value of the records?

Anonymous said...

I am the person with the 5 Disney Story Records. My email is

Anonymous said...

Hi i have a walt Disney treasure chest large books wanted tk know if they were worth anything

Unknown said...

I have a film strip of steam boat wille I need to see if it's authentic can some one please let me know I can send pics