Thursday, July 10, 2008

1967 Blue Bayou Child's Menu

Ok...a couple of observations...

1. Love the Marc Davis illustrations. Were these done exclusively for the menu or taken from Imagineering?

2. I would order the Captain's Feast.

3. Thank goodness they tell us that the milk is from a cow rather than a sheep or a pig or an emu. And I'm relieved that it's pure and not befouled by God-knows-what. Sometimes that retro copy is just plain weird.

4. For some reason, the marketing department at Disneyland felt that the back of the menu provided a good opportunity to push POTC to the kids eating at the Blue Bayou. As if watching those loaded boats float by in the dark and the whooshing water below wasn't enough incentive.


Daveland said...

I believe these Marc Davis drawings were done as concept art for the attraction, not the menu. The minstrel drawing was also done in color (not sure about the other one).

Major Pepperidge said...

Both of these illustrations appeared on that set of (twelve?) postcards, in color of course. I agree with Dave that these were almost certainly not done just for the menu.

Great item, but I do prefer donkey milk.

Katella Gate said...

When I was about 10, my Mom persuaded me to use the adult menu instead and helped me order "grown up" food.

I had my first dish of sauteed mushrooms at the Blue Bayou and have been crazy for them ever since. Since mushrooms aren't on the menu any more, I've switched my allegiance to the Monte Cristo Sandwich. I think public heath statutes prevent serving this sandwich anywhere else in the state.

walterworld said...


I have one just like it among my childhood souvenirs.

And The Captain's Feast was definately the way to go. They used to serve some wonderful fried shrimp both here and at The French Market...

Thanks for jarring loose another old memory!