Monday, December 10, 2007

1955 Merlin's Magic Bag

This bag from Merlin's Magic is special to me. It was acquired by my father in 1955 upon his first visit to Disneyland when he was 13. What it once held long ago is lost to time, but he and my Aunt Elaine did come home with a couple of Emporium souvenirs that do remain in the family. He bought one of those jumbo extra-long gimmick pens, which stopped working eons ago. She made a wiser choice: an Evan Shaw Alice figurine, which is still in mint condition. Both my dad and my aunt are now master collectors of their own particular passions, but back then, my Aunt clearly had my dad covered.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Ah yes how very cool. The large image is appreciated. You can see the very cool details. Thank you.

Disneyana World said...

Bags are fun.

leahb said...

Do I own 50% of this bag? Ha ha ha.
- Your sister