Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Table-Top Menu from Coke's Refreshment Corner

I always thought it was odd and interesting that Disneyland served both Coke AND Pepsi in those early years.

This table-top menu shows the very limited (but affordable) fare available to accompany your ice-cold Coca-Cola back in the day. Love the cut-out portraits of the couple a-courtin'. On the back is a brief history of the soft drink with a quick Disneyland plug.

Parenthetically, I met a woman once who worked at Refreshment Corner back in the day. She always admired the attraction posters that were hung throughout the park and asked for some to take home one day. The Disneyland art department sent over...are you sitting down?....2 OF EVERY POSTER THEY HAD IN THEIR INVENTORY. Her plans for them was....still sitting down? plaster them to the walls surrounding her pool! Thankfully, that plan never came to be, and she sold them via Howard Lowery and privately after they sat for years and years in her garage.

No post tomorrow, as I'm off to Disneyland with my family. Check back on Friday night/Saturday morning.


Progressland said...

Neat menu! I believe both Pepsi and Coke were both sold into the 1980s, until Pepsi-Cola stopped sponsoring The Golden Horseshoe Revue on September 30, 1982.

disneynorth said...

Wow!!! What a surprise!!! I purchased this same menu card off of ebay a few years ago. I have never been able to date the item. Do you know when it was produced???

Major Pepperidge said...

Arg, I can tell already that this blog is going to drive me crazy...I'm going to want all of the stuff that I don't have (which will probably be most of it)!!

That story about the posters is awesome, I assume that the Howard Lowery auctions were the ones from '97 and '98? Thank goodness she didn't plaster them to her walls. Somebody told me that Wally Boag has a bathroom with posters stuck to the walls with wallpaper paste.

ALSO, I believe that some of the earliest catalogs for Disneyland merchandise offer entire sets of posters (including the Rocket to the Moon) for something like 9 bucks, mailed to you in a tube.

jedblau said...

I believe this card dates from the late 50's or so, based on the prices. There is no date printed. Perhaps our friend Matterhorn1959 can clarify.

Yes, Major, those were the Lowery posters. But even after those auctions, there were still dozens left. No Rocket to the Moon or Casa de Fritos or Streets of Paris, but good stuff nonetheless.

Yes, the Art Corner catalogs did sell posters at absurd prices. I will post some of those soon.