Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A "POP"pourri, Part 2

Here are a few more POP goodies. I have a lot of POP stuff, so it's fun to post little examples of different kinds of POP stuff without having to crack out pretty common items like the guidebook and postcards.

Here's the cover of the now-infamous POP auction when the whole place was liquidated from the carpets on up. If faced with a choice between attending this auction or the big MGM auction from the 70's...it would be a toss-up. That "P.O.P. Goes POP!" slogan makes me want to punch the copywriter in the teeth. It's so frivolous and smug.

Here is a ticket to the opening festivities of POP's 2nd year of operation, when the place still looked (kinda) clean and smelled (sorta) fresh.

And lastly, some photos. I don't really collect "folks at the park" photos, although I marvel at what Matterhorn, Major P. and Daveland have managed to assemble. But, I do have a few B&W and color tourist snapshots at POP. Here is one of each. The B&W photo shows a mom and anxious kid posing in front of the queue for the Banana Train ride. The color one was shot, I guess, from the sky-ride and gives a nice shot of the Diving Bells and the Fun Forest walk-through in the background. For some reason, when the park was being torn down, that old "tree" in the Fun Forest was one of the last things standing; you can see it in lots of "broken down POP" photos.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great post. WOW that ad is funky! Is there a line forming to punch out that copywriter? The Smug SOB! The whole ad is weird, a little too festive given what's happening. I vote for the MGM auction, I think some of that stuff has become priceless! Thanks for POP stuff, cool photo's too!

p.s. the pop color guide book is great, post it sometime, I bet not that many people have seen it.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Great snapshots. I would still like one of the auction catalogs.

Major Pepperidge said...

I still feel a sense of disappointment that I never got to see POP in person. Even in its later, seedier state! It seems strange that they obviously worked pretty hard to make this park a pretty amazing and unique place, but it only took a few years for it to seriously decline. They must have just assumed that they were going to have the same crowds as Disneyland!

I wish we could see your pictures a bit bigger (to see the details)....