Saturday, January 19, 2008

A "POP"pourri of POP!

My spelling may be bad, but at least my jokes are terrible...

First up is a full-color ad for POP that ran in the LA Times Sunday comics soon after the park's opening. Sorry again my small scanner and having to post this in two parts.

Next is a color-tinted and German-printed (nice phrasing!) POP postcard from around 1960. This was probably sold off-site at Venice/Santa Monica gift shops. POP printed and sold a bunch of "official" postcards which featured both illustrations and photos. They are pretty easy to find and commensurately inexpensive.

Third....I have some amateur-shot Viewmaster reels of POP photos, but such images are very rare. If you would like some 3D shots of POP for your very own and don't want to look too hard or spend too much, why not pick up this pack featuring The Mod Squad? Luckily, the episode chosen to represent the series on Viewmaster was one shot at POP. What that means to you is a few tasty 3D images at the right price.

Lastly, a fellow POP enthusiast sent me this photo of what the front of the Magic Carpet ride looked like once it was moved to the Petticoat Junction park in the midwest after the now-famous POP auction in 1968 (or was it 1969?).

If anyone out there has any particular POP item or type of item you'd like to see, please let me know. If I have it, I will post it.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

If I may, posting items on your blog should first be about the things "you" enjoy and not a race about how many comments you get. Everything you have posted so far has been very enjoyable to me and I am sure others even though we might not have commented on every post. To me, a blog is about sharing things and information. If you want to see how many visits you have to your blog, add a counter to your page. You will see that hundreds of people view your blog on a weekly basis. Disneyland is a wonderful place and we all have a lot of great memories from there. But POP or Knott's or any other place for that matter all have great memories for a lot of us or (if not memories), at least something enjoyable to see. Please continue to post any subject you deem fit for your blog. All of it is truly appreciated, Richard.

jedblau said...

I appreciate what you're saying. In truth, I hyperbolize how much comments mean to me, but I do appreciate it when people post them and do weigh their enthusiasm in terms of where I point the blog. But, you're the end of the day the blog is what interests me, and if anyone else wants to come along on the ride, that's terrific. JB

Major Pepperidge said...

Jed, I encourage you to post about whatever interests you...because it will probably interest me as well! Any old amusement park photos, World's Fair pictures, and places in SoCal that are no longer around are all worth covering. So...PLEASE, more POP, Jungleland, Alligator Farm, Japanese Village, Movie World, Universal Studios, Lion Country Safari, Marineland, Sea World, Beverly Park, Long Beach Pike, get the idea!

Comments are fun, but sometimes they surprise me. An image that I think is amazing gets barely a blip on the blog-o-meter, while a picture that I think will be only mildly interesting (like the antique autos at Knott's) winds up getting 43 comments.

As for today's post, thanks for letting me know that the Mod Squad Viewmaster was images of POP...I have a pretty big Viewmaster collection, but haven't bothered to view the Squad. Now I'll have to get a copy!

Chris Merritt said...

I want to see the "private home taken" POP viewmaster shots! Weird Magic Carpet exterior- does it still exist?

jedblau said...

I don't know how to print Viewmaster slides, unfortunately.

The Magic Carpet ride has long since been destroyed, although some of the interiors survive, I believe.