Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now Open: Pirates of the Caribbean!

Well, here is it...the final entry of my series of Coming Soon/Now Open flyers from 1955-1967. If anyone out there knows of another entry that I don't know about, or worse, don't own, PLEASE let me know. My 15 readers and I will be oh so grateful.

This is a very cool flyer with a real retro feel. Maybe it's seeing the old school captain on the cover now that he's been evicted (or re-skinned) thanks to Jerry Bruckheimer.

Too bad Disney never made a Coming Soon flyer for the Haunted Mansion.

On a personal update note, I am going to be taking a break from the blog until at least the middle of next week. Need to catch up on some personal and professional stuff, and this time of day/night is the only time to do it. When I return, I promise something out of the ordinary.

Thanks again for reading and for all of your comments.


outsidetheberm said...

Great items. You asked if you're missing a few. You can take a look at the Flying Saucers debut gate flyer on our November 16th 2007 post, if you don't have that one. There are a few others. We'll check our files and try to post at some point if you're interested. Thanks again.

jedblau said...


Chris Merritt said...

Anyone else find it interesting that the font used for "Avast Mateys" is Rubens - the condensed version of which was used for the Haunted Mansion poster? AKA "Ravenscroft", which you can find several places on the web...

Thanks again for sharing the great paper items Jed!