Sunday, June 1, 2008

1967 Tomorrowland Press Program

Remember that 1967 press badge that I posted way back in December? Well, this goes with that.

This is the program/schedule of events that the press was given that day. It looks pretty ordinary at first and has some useful attraction information on the back. But when you pull on the Flight Plan tab, the fun really starts. Not only does sliding open the Flight Plan provide the day's schedule of events, but some clever pop-up style paper animation gives the rocket on front some flame and illusion of movement. Very cool in person, trust me.


olddisneylandfan said...

Damn! (Can I say that?) My family attended that day and I remember this program and the pull-out. I know we took it home, but it's long gone.

As I recall, the schedule was approximate. I think that it moved more rapidly than expected after lunch, because the New Tomorrowland was opened to the public sooner than 5:30--because the press event attendees had finished there and gone off to the rest of the Park.

Our family of five received two of those Coca-Cola cooler handbags. They were Coca-Cola red and white, shiny vinyl, with red straps. I'd guess they were about 20" long, 8" wide. They were stuffed with food (I remember fruit) and minor swag (like little plastic models of McDonnell Douglas DC9s). Those bags held up for years of family service, but are now long gone. Double damn.

I absolutely have to muck around the house and find my Kodak Brownie black-and-white snapshots from that day. They're around here someplace. They're not great, but still record the day.

jedblau said...

Yes, please do!

Matt said...

Wow, that IS cool. I've never seen that before...makes me want to start, too dangerous

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, NEAT! A lot of awesome, classic Tomorrowland stuff was removed for the 67 version, but that is the Tomorrowland that I grew up with and loved.

What an awesome piece of paper!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Super Post! I want to see one of those "Family Portrait's"!
The Rockets “Flames” are too cool! Thanks for sharing!