Monday, May 5, 2008

Casa de Fritos Box

There are not a lot of Casa de Fritos goodies out there. There's three (or so) different matchbooks, that cool postcard, the infamous attraction poster of which there appears to be only two known examples extant, and the super-cool mug that Matterhorn posted on one of his Friday editions a-ways back (if you missed it, check his archives, or I can post a photo of mine).

And then there's this cool shipping box. It was sent from Disneyland probably during the 1955-1956 holiday season and once contained a gift assortment of Fritos (and Cheetos?) I don't know who would ever want chips as a Xmas gift, but maybe if they came in this box, minds would be changed.

There's nothing on the bottom of the box, and the two sides pictured are duplicated on their respective opposite sides, hence only three photos.


Biblioadonis aka George said...

Still...what a great piece of Disneyland history!

Major Pepperidge said...

I love that it was used to store Christmas candles!

David said...

Great Fritos box-only the second one I've seen (as a frito collector). Some additional info; on one side of my example it says "Fritos" and on the opposing side it says "Cheetos," also, mine has the mailing label and it was shipped to a woman at the L.A. Examiner on Dec 11, 1958 from the western division of the Frito Co. in L.A. I wonder what was inside.... Gracias.