Monday, November 15, 2010

Universal Studios - 1974 LA Times Advert

I found this in some junk at my parents' house.  It must have come from my grandfather one way or another.

This ad from 7/28/74 features the "new" collapsing bridge at Universal.  I remember when that thing was the biggest deal on the tour.  When I was older and working on the lot, I used to "borrow" the company golf cart to go do some "work" and give myself a little self-guided tour.  It's amazing where Universal security would let one wander pre-9/11.  It was a great day when I discovered the long-lost road to Prop Plaza.  Never had the nerve to drive through the Six Million Dollar Man revolving avalanche thingee or across this bridge, but a visit to the Psycho house was always a must.

Love the old trams.  The image of them crossing the bridge makes me think of Albert Brooks' trip to hell if he'd been just a couple of minutes late for the tram to heaven.


Major Pepperidge said...

That revolving tunnel is so simple and yet it really is a freaky effect. I remember it in its Six Million Dollar Man incarnation (I think you even saw it in the show, didn't Bigfoot walk through it??), and years later, revamped as a "Dante's Peak" thing.

Anonymous said...

The bridge is still there, but not in use. You can still see it from the studio tour. I thought it was interesting that the original trams were designed by Harper Goff.


TokyoMagic! said...

Great vintage ad! I remember seeing the bridge when it was the newest thing on the tram tour.

I haven't been to Universal for several years now, but wasn't the revolving tunnel revamped yet again into a "Mummy" thing? Next time I go, it will probably be a Transformers tunnel or something like that. Couldn't they have just left it as the "Glacier/Avalanche"?

I thought I heard that Universal was spending money to repair the colllapsing bridge so the trams could go across it again. I hope that was true.

Anonymous said...

I love that you've referenced one of my favourite movies! I used to watch "Defending your Life" when we had the 1st choice movie channels (remember them? there were five and they showed*gasp*older and different movies)
I was about 12 when I saw it. As kids we loved Meryl Streep, still do!, We thought she reminded us of our mother. Very sweet movie and really funny. but I find Albert Brooks plays that part in every movie I see him in. Monotone, straight man.
That made my day. think I'll call my brother so we can watch it.